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Wish I’d thought of those. Piedgirotta is the bakery owned by the man who invented tiramisu. City Paper will remain independent from the group’s other outlets with a separate newsroom and sales team, said Timothy E. Scott Lynett, CEO of Times-Shamrock Communications, which has operated the City Paper for about 25 years, confirmed the negotiations but declined to identify the potential buyer. He also said he will directly oversee the publishing of the City Paper for now, after the paper’s interim publisher, Michael Wagner, departed Times-Shamrock on Monday as part of the separate sale of its other alternative weeklies. In the suit filed last month in Baltimore Circuit Court, Gary Waicker, president of two realty companies in the block of Erdman Ave. I was born, raised and educated in Baltimore, and my first job out of college was as a staff writer at the City Paper in Russ Smith was editor then, and my first assignment was to ride an elephant in the Ringling Brothers Circus parade and cover it for Rump, the CP’s obnoxious gossip column. In contrast to the City Paper’s present, more corporate incarnation, when I was there the writers sat at beat-up old desks in a sticky garret office in Charles Village. But he won’t have to wait long to see what readers will think of “Our Poor Sweet Napoleon.

Baltimore City Paper

Today is a dismal day for the Baltimore media landscape, whether you liked reading Baltimore City Paper or not. I walked to five different yellow boxes this morning for a copy of the last-ever issue of the City Paper. The vast majority of Baltimoreans have known CP for longer than I have. Two weeks after the tronc , inc. The alternative weekly never failed to do what it was supposed to do — cover Baltimore in a muckraking way and refuse to cave to popular opinion.

From Otakon to Pride to Artscape, City Paper photographers were our photo galleries, and get a glimpse of the city through their eyes. We also have tons of pictures of you, our readers, at our many annual special events, so see if you can find yourself.

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Capital Gazette newspapers in Annapolis trace their origins to 1727

Local apples were used for pie. Baking powder came in different strengths single, double acting. Did you know some culinary historians say we Americans measure with objects as opposed to weight because of our pioneer heritage? Family recipes specifying “5 tins” of sugar are among the most challenging. The omission of flour measures is brilliant.

In an effort to bring some sort of attention to themselves, our berg and blatt decides to publish a series of slanderous lies about innocent people in Baltimore, accompanied with Soderberg, the cuntiest of cunts, assaulting a woman in order to prove his point/5().

These factors make the area’s climate milder and less extreme than other U. Summers are humid and hot, but not extremely so, with highs reaching the high 80s to low 90s Fahrenheit and lows in the 60s to low 70s. Winters are cool to mild and moist, with highs in the upper 40s to low 50s, and lows in the 30s and 40s. Light snow can sometimes fall in winter, although some years there is no significant accumulation and once every few years a coastal storm can dump 8 inches to a foot of snow on the city.

While weather in the region can vary, Baltimore does not experience the extremes of weather change that occur further north and inland. Visitors will be able to venture outdoors without a jacket from approximately mid-March to late November. The hot humid summers invite the wearing of shorts on many days. The Baltimore area experiences pleasant fall foliage, usually beginning in mid October and ending in early December.

The long warm weather season means that swimming pools are very popular for much of the year as well. Film[ edit ] Baltimore boasts a surprisingly influential, albeit small-scale, film industry. Self-dubbed the “grandfather of filth” native John Waters is the Baltimore equivalent of New York’s Woody Allen—he has directed movie after movie, set and filmed on location in Baltimore, drawing heavily for inspiration from Baltimore’s most bizarre subcultures and its strangest neighborhoods.

He became famous for his “gore” flicks in the s, which combine the single-minded purpose of grossing-out or perhaps scarring-for-life the viewers along with intensely bad acting, outrageous Baltimore accents, subversive humor, general trashy perversion and violence, and one enormous Baltimore drag queen named Divine. Of this era, Pink Flamingos achieved a certain cult-classic status, although it is absolutely not for the faint of heart or the pure of spirit.

Pink Flamingo over Cafe Hon in Hampden Waters’ films post s mellowed out dramatically, albeit still maintaining his signature interest in subversive campiness, culminating in his most famous work, Hairspray, a fabulous story of a plus-size girl with plus-size hair who wanted to bring a black boy to the locally-televised dance show against the forces of racial segregation and bigotry.

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City Paper offers Baltimore, Maryland’s best coverage of news, culture, ideas, music, arts, theater, movies and events. Our classified marketplace specializes in local jobs, employment opportunities, rental and real estate, and automotive listings.

In addition, Philadelphia was organizing a plan to build a similar transportation system across the state linking Pittsburgh. By that Fourth of July construction began with laying of a cornerstone in the city. There were celebrations and ceremonies to mark the occasion and Charles Carroll himself, the last living signer of the Declaration of Independence, was on-hand to take part in the festivities.

The goal was having the railroad reach the Ohio River at Wheeling, Virginia and connect Cumberland, Maryland along the way. However, the task would be very difficult as the rugged Allegheny Mountains lay in its path. The company would also face stiff political barriers from Pennsylvania, restricting an easier route through that state and forcing it to build across western Virginia. Perhaps most challenging was constructing a proper right-of-way and figuring out the curvature limits and grade severity a typical train could handle.

To aid in this endeavor engineers sailed to England, the birthplace of railroads, for ideas concerning construction and best practices.

City Paper Archives

Wash tubs mounted on wheels and thousands of peach baskets are used daily by the Street Cleaning Department. Joe Di Paola Jr. While weekend vacationers got out of town, a number of hearty souls still had to work.

Sep 15,  · N Charles St., () , Let’s face it, nightlife options for the city’s queers—from femme dykes to daddy bears—is going the way of the polar bear: extinct.

The Maryland Gazette traces its origins back to in Annapolis, when it was founded by British journalist William Parks. Forty years later, Anne Catharine Green became the first female newspaper publisher in the country, according to a history on the Capital Gazette website. Archive photo A Maryland Gazette newspaper from A Maryland Gazette newspaper from Archive photo The Gazette was the seventh newspaper established in what would become the United States.

In July , the Gazette was one of the first newspapers to publish the Declaration of Independence, although it appeared on page 2; then, as now, local news took precedence. The Maryland Gazette, which merged with the Capital in , was a weekly covering all of Anne Arundel County until , when its focus was narrowed to northern Anne Arundel County. It became a twice-weekly publication in Journalists dived under their desks and pleaded for help on social media.

Printed from offices at West St. Front page of the Evening Capital on Wednesday, Aug. In December , Capital Gazette launched one of the first newspaper websites in the United States, capitalonline. Landmark sold the company to the Baltimore Sun Media Group in The papers moved into the current offices at Bestgate Road that year.

City Paper “Best of Baltimore” 1994

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Jul 07,  · The Baltimore City Paper — the free alternative weekly that has provided news, music and arts information for 40 years — will be closed this year .

Alternative weekly — Its news coverage is more locally focused and their target audiences younger than those of daily newspapers. Typically, alternative newspapers are published in format and printed on newsprint. Other names for such publications include weekly, alternative newsweekly. Most metropolitan areas of the United States and Canada are home to at least one alternative paper, Alternative papers usually operate under a different business model than daily papers. They sometimes include ads for adult entertainment, such as bookstores and strip clubs.

They usually include comprehensive classified and personal ad sections and event listings as well, many alternative papers feature an annual best of issue, profiling businesses that readers voted the best of their type in the area. Often these papers send out certificates that the businesses hang on their wall or window and this further cements the papers ties to local businesses. Alternative newspapers represent the more commercialized and mainstream evolution of the press associated with the s counterculture.

Their focus remains on arts and entertainment and social and political reportage, editorial positions at alternative weeklies are predominantly left-leaning, though there is a contingent of conservative, and libertarian, alt-weeklies.

Culture of Baltimore

Until I saw this picture depicting a man on the same day wearing the same shoes, jacket, and jeans with a near identical face. I found one, and through him searched the name Aaron to see who would pop up. I found one man named “Aaron Newsome” of Baltimore, Maryland. Except as someone who has been watching LiveStream coverage of the entire events unfold, I can tell you personally they weren’t peaceful at all.

I noticed a few things that Irk me about what was being shared.

Aug 15,  · I’ve been seeing a lot of articles in the media about men “dropping out of the dating-and-marriage game,” and the conclusions always point to porn as the culprit. This seems like a simplistic.

By Michelle Harris November 3, , 3: Sign up today and you’ll get our latest stories delivered straight to your inbox every weekday afternoon. The last issue of City Paper was practically still warm from its final press run when it was announced on Thursday that a new alt-weekly would be launching. Baltimore Beat will feature print and digital content, as well as classified and display ads. The free, weekly newspaper will share similarities to predecessor in terms of art and music coverage, but plans to highlight new voices throughout the city.

They wanted to find a voice that was representative and passionate about the city with the experience to match. Naff says that the fact that Snowden-McCray is one of the only African-American women in charge of a newspaper in a predominantly black city like Baltimore is something that should be celebrated. For her part, Snowden-McCray is eager to break down the barriers in a white, male-dominated industry. Street boxes, which will not be the same yellow ones that City Paper was available in, will be coming soon.

A school district kept a secret blacklist for decades. A reporter found it.

YouScrew Faux Bois Leading provider in the newspaper industry. Personal Service Articles, voice and SMS text mobile dating, it was all about the ads and the money they were baltimore city paper personals to. Classified listing promoting adult services and entertainment.

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If he is confirmed, the longtime U. Attorney for Maryland, Rod Rosenstein, will oversee this investigation, since Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself after being caught lying about his own contacts with the Russian ambassador. But law enforcement investigations are nothing new to Trump. Herewith are five instances Trump is known or suspected to have been criminally complicit, but was not charged with any crime.

These incidents raise two questions: How would the world be different today if prosecutors had decided differently? And why did the prosecutors decide to give Trump a pass? The obstruction of justice, Trump was trying to get his first casino license, and the New Jersey Gaming Commission was asking about Sullivan, so Trump told them he was FBI affiliated “to nip things in the bud,” thus scuttling a planned FBI investigation into organized crime in his planned casino.

And there certainly was organized crime activity associated with Trump and his casino. Just a year before this, in , Sullivan bought into a parcel of land with the representative of Nicky Scarfo, a Philadelphia mob boss.

Baltimore City Paper Set To Close After 40 Years