Serial Podcast, Episode 12: With Adnan and Jay, we believe what we want to believe

Play Video In the ruling, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals said he had received ineffective legal counsel at his trial because his original lawyer had failed to call a witness whose testimony, if believed, “would have made it impossible for Syed to have murdered Hae. Serial Advertisement “Accordingly, Syed’s murder conviction must be vacated, and because Syed’s convictions for kidnapping, robbery, and false imprisonment are predicated on his commission of Hae’s murder, these convictions must be vacated as well,” the panel wrote. At a news conference, he said Syed “asked me to convey his deep gratitude and thanks from the bottom of his heart to all those who have supported him and believed in him. The accounts by the new witness, and other evidence seeming to cast doubt on the conviction, were the focus of Serial, which was a wildly successful podcast in and popularized the format for a general audience. The episode series featured Sarah Koenig, a former producer with the weekly public radio program This American Life, telling the story of the killing, investigation and trial in a conversational narrative with interviews. It was downloaded more than million times and won a Peabody Award. He said the podcast had been “enormously helpful” in pursuing justice for his client. She said she had “and nothing had come of it,” the panel said. After Syed was convicted, it was determined that Gutierrez had not in fact contacted McClain. A friend of Syed’s, a law student named Rabia Chaudry, independently reached out to McClain, who signed an affidavit saying that she had seen Syed at the Woodlawn Public Library at the time that Lee was killed.

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The murders, which many of you may be unaware of, were a series of three killings carried out over a five month period some 25 years ago. Politicians and experts have been savagely critical of the original police investigation, with many asserting that the interest in, and effort put into, the cases would have been significantly different had the victims been white. Detectives involved with the case firmly believe the perpetrator of the heinous crimes to be a man named Jay Hart.

However, when Hart was put on trial twice, separately, for the murders of Clinton and Evelyn , evidence linking the cases was not presented to the jury. A second police investigation uncovered stark evidence that was never heard by a court.

Serial is a podcast from the creators of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig. Serial unfolds one story – a true story – over the course of a whole season. The show follows the plot and characters wherever they lead, through many surprising twists and turns.

The Best Podcasts of You need to be listening to these shows right now Credit: Film and pop culture? Yep, plenty of them. They were married within four months. But as their relationship progressed, it soon became clear that this knight in shining armour was not who he said he was. S-Town, Breaking Bad, lies Where to listen: Host Brian Reed follows up on a tip from the enigmatic John B McLemore about a murder in his home town, but the podcast soon unravels to be something far more shocking and sweeter than that.

“Ear Hustle”: The Podcast Made Inside San Quentin

Millions of listeners are anxiously awaiting the next installment of Serial, a podcast from the creators of “This American Life” that tells the story of Adnan Syed, a Woodlawn High School student who was found guilty in of murdering his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. The podcast is the brainchild of longtime radio producer and former Baltimore Sun reporter Sarah Koenig, who spent more than a year digging into Syed’s case and reporting her findings in almost real-time in hour-long segments released online every Thursday with the exception of Thanksgiving.

Advertisement Nine episodes in, the podcast has attracted more than 1. But although the buzz surrounding the case is new, Syed has been trying to prove his innocence for years — so long, in fact, that his case is now in its final stages of appeal.

Sep 05,  · The team behind podcast hit “Serial” are premiering the latest season of the investigative series — digging into the inner workings of Cleveland’s criminal-court system — later this month.

Can Meddling Help a First Date? Listen to the episode here. This standout chapter tones down the melodrama of backroom deals and accusatory verbal sparring and shifts the attention to on-the-ground reporting. This introspective series, regardless of the focus, continues to be a rarity in the entertainment world. But the most curious case that Sam Stein and Jason Cherkis covered this year was that of Ben Konop, whose public booing came to symbolize the death knell of his bid for Toledo mayor.

Animated films have always been populated by voices belonging to comedians whose material is decidedly unsafe for youngsters. But the show succeeds even when it tackles more abstract concepts.

New rape charges filed against alleged ‘serial predator,’ Bethlehem police say

Witnesses to Syed’s alibi Earlier in the trial, an alibi witness testified that she spotted Adnan Syed at a public library on the day prosecutors say he killed Hae Min Lee at a different location. Asia McClain, now known as Asia Chapman, testified at a hearing earlier this year that she had a conversation with Syed at the library during the time prosecutors say Lee was killed. Chapman has said Syed’s defense team never contacted her for her testimony, a fact Syed’s current attorneys say amounts to ineffective counsel.

Asia spoke out on Twitter and an an interview about why she’s choosing now to come forward.

Mar 29,  · Adnan Syed, whose murder conviction was the focus of the first season on the extremely popular “Serial” podcast, has moved closer to a new trial. But it’s not necessarily a done deal.

News Breaking News New rape charges filed against alleged ‘serial predator,’ Bethlehem police say Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli is asking the public to come forward with information against Seth Mull, labeled by authorities as a “serial predator. Mull held her over several days in hotels, raped her and let two unknown men rape her, according to court records. The charges, filed Thursday, are the third local rape case against Mull, 30, who was arrested in October in connection with another rape case in Bethlehem and one in Hanover Township, Northampton County.

In all three cases, police say, Mull lured the women to a hotel and drugged and attacked them. In addition to the Lehigh Valley charges, authorities say Mull is the subject of ongoing sex-trafficking investigations in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Honolulu. In the latest charges filed by Bethlehem police, Mull is charged in alleged assaults Oct. The charges include rape, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault, strangulation, terroristic threats and simple assault.

Mull, who is in prison, has not yet been arraigned on the charges.

Murder case highlighted in ‘Serial’ podcast moves through appeal

I’ve never been a fan of the podcast format, tending to associate it with small groups of confrontingly boring men laughing at each others’ terrible jokes for an hour, or until one of them has to leave and waste precious conversational real estate somewhere else. But Serial is different; it’s one of those things that you’d be prudent to listen to even if it doesn’t sound appealing, because if you don’t then one of your obsessed friends is going to sit on you and refuse to get up until you do it under duress.

The first season of Serial, now up to its sixth episode in a season that might end up being 10 to 20 installments long, is a true crime investigation by host Sarah Koenig in which she revisits the murder of Hae Min Lee, a year-old high school student in Baltimore, Maryland.

The team behind podcast hit “Serial” are premiering the latest season of the investigative series — digging into the inner workings of Cleveland’s criminal-court system — later this month.

The series finale of the most talked about podcast of the year is this Thursday, Dec. Zero in on the most important clues and listen to complete episodes below. Meet Adnan Syed, a year-old boy from Baltimore who was described as well-liked until he was convicted of murdering his high school ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. There was no physical evidence linking Syed to the crime, but a testimony from a friend named Jay. Based on this testimony, the jury convicted Syed for first degree murder.

The only alibi Syed had was from a student named Asia McClain, who remembers talking to him at the library during the supposed time of the murder.

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Then they come looking for a victim, and they don’t find that either. So now they don’t know what to think” —Adnan Syed, describing the audience. Serial is a weekly Documentary-style podcast focusing on non-fiction stories, hosted by Sarah Koenig.

Feb 26,  · Pre-Serial podcast boom! Even when the answers seem unfocused, the substance at the heart of his answers is good: logical, kind, and with plenty of .

By Jillian Kumagai This tells us that people really like murder mysteries, but also confirms something else we’ve known for a long time — listeners want to hear a good story. Unsolved murders are compelling, yes, but Serial is compelling because it puts the listener as close as one can possibly get to an event that happened in Learn more about Serial and eleven other great storytelling podcasts in the list below. The best storytelling podcasts 1.

Serial Serial isn’t by any means the first podcast to become popular by telling a compelling story, but it is the one that went right back to a classically compelling genre — a murder mystery.

‘Serial’ Season 3 Podcast Premiere Date Set

In the final episode of Season One, Meredith explores friendship with exes — including her own — and she talks to Esther Perel about what makes that possible. Does harboring that hope prevent you from moving on? Meredith tackles these often-asked questions and explores the pitfalls of wishful thinking.

Serial is heading back to court. This time, in Cleveland. A year inside a typical American courthouse. This season we tell you the extraordinary stories of ordinary cases. One courthouse, told week by week.

But first a word from our sponsor … just kidding. First, our case for why this impossible task is worth attempting. Canons, so long as they are adaptable and expansive and ever evolving, are worthwhile things. They give new artists in a medium places to start, examples to learn from, accomplishments to improve upon. But what is a podcast?

For our purposes, a podcast is a piece of audio that was created at least in part for digital release. Podcast purists, if such people exist, might object to the inclusion of radio heavyweights, but This American Life and The Best Show, to take two major examples, are, to our minds, great podcasts as well as great radio shows. There are not only radio shows that have become podcasts, but podcasts that have become radio shows. We decided to throw them all in together.

Advertisement How exactly does one judge a carefully crafted story that took weeks to report and put together but is only 15 minutes long against a minute two-man back-and-forth full of digressions and absurdity with no real point? Well, you just do, basically. Which is better, The Simpsons or The Wire?

Serial: More Details About Jay’s Transcripts Than You Could Possibly Need

Serial Podcast, Episode A man was driving, and a woman was in the passenger seat. Even before a door opened, it was clear through the windshield, from above, that they were fighting. Rather, her door slammed, and he paused for a second, then put the truck in reverse and peeled out. She ran into one of the apartment entrances for my building. I needed to be somewhat sober to hit the gym and listen.

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Below you’ll find a list of recommendations made on the show plus, in Lauren’s case at least, many more! We can’t have you stumbling through the podcast wilderness alone and afraid, now can we? It is in that spirit that I humbly present to you some of my most favorite episodes from new shows of They’re perfect for that flight home to see your folks or that seemingly interminable drive to your in-laws’. Whether they are the best moments of digital audio is up to you to determine.

But they are the episodes that stuck with me long after I pulled my earbuds from my ears and put my phone down.

Episode 144: Decoding Women and Serial Dating